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Individual Services

Career Counseling

Whether a first time job hunter, or looking to change careers, your consultant will help you turn your ideas and dreams into your desired position. Together, we will establish career goals and creating a personalized action plan to help you achieve them.


When clear goals are established your consultant will assist you with effectively marketing yourself. This includes writing or re-drafting resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents. If desired, consultants can provide guidance regarding professional dress, interview techniques and post-interview etiquette. We also offer follow-up services once clients secure employment to ensure a smooth and successful transition. 

Youth Transition

The competitive higher education system can be difficult to maneuver. During this initial consultation you will receive a general break down of the college application process. Through discussion your consultant will translate your aspirations into attainable goals. Your team comprised of skilled writers, former higher educators, and recent college graduates, will help you navigate the college application process from beginning to end. With guidance and education regarding traditional and non-traditional higher education options you will identify the academic environment in which you will thrive. Once you have selected the institutions you wish to apply to,  consultants establish timelines and hold clients accountable using checkpoints. Assistance with the Common Application, review of college essays, FAFSA, scholarship and grant applications provided.

Elder Care Planning

When your loved ones get to a place where they can no longer care for themselves safely, it can be difficult to decide what to do. Wilkens Consulting Group has a State of Maine licensed social worker on staff with extensive experience guiding seniors and their caretakers through this difficult transition. During this initial consultation she will answer questions you may have regarding different care options. She will also briefly cover the state of Maine requirements for admission to an elder care facility and in-home care options.

Your consulting social worker will assist you through the challenging systemic requirements surrounding elder services. Each client will have individualized goals which may include requesting Change Health Systems Medical Eligibility Assessments, researching and applying for admission to facilities, or seeking qualified in-home care attendants. Consultants can connect clients to area resources and aid those trying to access appropriate coverage and benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, and LTC insurance.

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