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Hire Outcomes™ focuses on achieving realistic, quantifiable results. Success is based on the depth of practice and commitment by trainers, staff and participants, to applying all aspects of Hire Outcomes™ program principles.


The Hire Outcomes™ job search practice model is a proprietary evidence based methodology with statistical data highlighting employment results since 2001. This process provides a step-by-step map to arriving at gainful employment, which is uniquely created for each individual. Wilkens consultants are trained in the Hire Outcomes™ model and are able to facilitate whole-series workshops or singular trainings based on the client's interests and needs.


WCG has partnered with the Office of Child and Family Services, the Somerset County Jail, and the Family Violence Project. We are always looking for new ways to share our successful workforce development program.

Hire Outcomes

WCG has a number of presentations readily available and can work with clients to develop specific trainings as required.


Training and workshops topics  include:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • HIPAA and Confidentiality

  • Mandated Reporting

  • Mediation

  • Diversity

  • Poverty

  • Workforce development in the recovery community


 Training & Workshops

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