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We are trusted professionals and social entrepreneurs who have formed a high impact venture.  

Wilkens Consulting Group offers a broad range of consulting capabilities to individuals, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and public entities.

Our consultants’ unique knowledge and real-life experiences allow them to advise clients in the areas of education, employment, social services, grant writing, and facilities management.


Sheri Wilkens, Founder

Director of Programs,

Individual and Community Services

For over 25 years, Sheri has used her genuine desire to help, her innate inquisitiveness, and her

out-of-the-box thinking to advise  others and to devise and execute effective plans.

Her mastery of words has helped people and organizations communicate their intended messages powerfully.

Sheri attended Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Upon moving to Maine, Sheri began Wilkens Consulting Group where she has helped private clients navigate job searches, college applications, scholarship quests, grant research and applications. For sixteen years,  she also led the successful welfare-to-work program for Mid Maine Regional Adult Community Education. Sheri’s commitment to understanding the genuine needs of clients  is the key to her continued success.

​Sheri’s passion for being on the front line, helping to improve the lives of others is evident in her long-term work in her community. She is a dedicated volunteer and has taken on roles as a board member, board chair, fundraiser, grant writer, events coordinator, publicist, and recruiter. Her undertakings have benefited conservation efforts in her hometown, the public library, the local sexual assault assistance and prevention center, Simmons College, as well as a host of children's organizations, and public and private schools.

James Wilkens

Director of Operations

James is an accomplished manager with over 25 years of experience in production, facilities, quality assurance, transportation and logistics. He is talented in both the public sector and private multi-national business enterprises. Well-versed in union contracts and employee relations, James is able to build high-performance teams that maximize productivity. James has a reputation as a change agent who analyzes operations, identifies strengths, and works with stakeholders to create and implement comprehensive individualized plans to improve the quality, work, and morale in the organization.  His ability to motivate and inspire teams while building consensus and negotiating thoughtful compromises allows him to achieve results where others have failed.  Along with his work at WCG, James is a well respected elected official in his community.


Christian Wilkens, BHP

Peter Wilkens

Melissa Wilkens

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